Gantz: Israel is in a difficult security situation

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Publish Date: 10:48 - 03 April 2022
Sunday, 3 April 2022 (YJC)_ The Israeli Minister of War described Tel Aviv as a difficult period of security following the escalation of resistance operations by the Palestinian people.

Gantz: Israel is in a difficult security situationLast night (Saturday), the Israeli Minister of War, Bani Gantz, acknowledged the insecurity and the possibility of conflict in the occupied territories, following the increase in the resistance operations of the Palestinian people during the month of Ramadan against the Zionist militias and settlers.

According to the news site "Russia Today", the Minister of War of the Zionist regime has said:
We are witnessing a difficult period of conflict, and this is a fact that we cannot surrender to; We face it with strength and seriousness.

Gantz added in his message:
Israel does not accept attacks against it. In addition to security escalations, the relevant security services are currently investigating possible actions against the Palestinians during Ramadan.

He went on to say that the economic situation of the Palestinians was tied to the recent operations:
In the shadow of insecurity, it is not possible for us to take steps to improve the living conditions and economy of the people of Gaza and the Western Hemisphere in coordination with the Palestinian Authority.

In the end, the Zionist regime's war minister made the continuation of coordination with the self-government conditional on the return of peace and security stability in the occupied territories, and claimed:
We recently coordinated with the Palestinian Authority a series of measures aimed at improving living standards and the economic situation in the Western Bar and Gaza; But in the current situation of insecurity, we will not be able to implement them, unless security calm and stability return.

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