The United States also boycotted the Putin and Lavrov families

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Publish Date: 10:41 - 07 April 2022
Thursday, 7 April 2022 (YJC)_ The United States has added the names of the Russian prime minister, the president's children, wife and foreign minister's daughter to the sanctions list.

The United States also boycotted the Putin and Lavrov familiesThe United States has announced sanctions against Russia's largest bank, and announced sanctions against members of the president and foreign minister's family.

The White House said in a statement Wednesday evening that the United States, in coordination with its allies in the G7 and the European Union, had stepped up pressure on Russia over the Ukraine crisis and imposed new sanctions on Moscow.

The White House statement reiterated the events in the northern Ukrainian city of Bucha and accused Russia of killing civilians; An accusation denied by various Moscow officials, which the Russian foreign minister called "fake."

The statement said:
Today, the United States, along with the G7 and the European Union, will continue to impose tough and immediate economic costs on the Putin regime for its crimes in Ukraine, including Bucha.

According to the White House, the United States has imposed new sanctions on Russia and its officials, and even family members of President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov have been added to Washington's sanctions list.

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