Kamalvandi: Building nuclear power plants is not a fantasy

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Publish Date: 10:56 - 10 April 2022
Sunday, 10 April 2022 (YJC)_ A spokesman for the Atomic Energy Organization said that building nuclear power plants was not a fantasy but an integral part of the country's needs.

Kamalvandi: Building nuclear power plants is not a fantasyBehrouz Kamalvandi, spokesman and deputy for international, legal and parliamentary affairs of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, published an article about the developments in the country's nuclear industry, quoting the information base of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran.
National Day of Nuclear Technology is celebrated 16 years after Iran's first achievement of uranium enrichment, while the Islamic Republic of Iran has not only completely mastered the nuclear fuel cycle, but also made great strides in other areas related to nuclear technology.

He continued:
Although in recent years the focus of developments and news on the issue of fuel enrichment has given rise to the view that nuclear technology is unique to centrifuges, it must be said that this is only a small part of this industry and the potential it provides to the country and people. In general, advances in Iranian nuclear technology can be classified into four areas: radiation application, energy, fuel production, and research and development.

Regarding the need to use nuclear fuel, Kamalvandi said:
Among these, although in the first view of the production of radiopharmaceuticals, the use of nuclear technology in agriculture and industry are the closest and most direct applications of this industry in the daily lives of people; But the need to use nuclear fuel to generate electricity and its undeniable impact cannot be ignored.

He stated:
Establishment of iodine 131 radiopharmaceutical capsule production line used in the treatment of various cancers, use of nuclear radiation for sterilization, seed modification and seed resistance against dehydration, use of gamma radiation for processing bee venom for medical applications and development of related products With heavy water and tattoos are among the advances made in this field.

Referring to the production of fueling software for the Bushehr nuclear power plant, the spokesman of the organization said:
In the field of energy, advances such as the production of refueling software for the Bushehr nuclear power plant or the improvement of the tracking system and online reading of radiation dose received by the plant staff to prevent poisoning due to overdose are among the long list of achievements despite sanctions and efforts of experts.

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