Moscow: US chemical weapons pose a real threat to humanity

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Publish Date: 10:20 - 13 April 2022
Wednesday, 13 April 2022 (YJC)_ The Russian embassy in Washington has denied US allegations of chemical weapons use in Ukraine, saying Russia, unlike the United States, has no chemical weapons and destroyed them all in 2017.

Moscow: US chemical weapons pose a real threat to humanityThe Russian embassy in Washington has denied baseless allegations by the US State Department that Russia may use chemical weapons in Ukraine.

According to the Tass news agency, the Moscow embassy said in a statement:
We note the remarks of US State Department spokesman Ned Price on April 12, who claimed that Russia might resort to the use of chemical weapons due to alleged defeats in its special military operation in Ukraine. Ned Price once again pointed the finger at unsubstantiated allegations.

Russian diplomats at the Russian embassy in Washington have stated that the Russian armed forces have no chemical agent and can not use it because they destroyed all their chemical weapons in 2017.

The statement also said:
There is information confirmed by the Russian Ministry of Defense about the readiness of Ukrainian extremists for provocative actions, including the use of chemical weapons. We also have questions about the origin of these materials that reached the Ukrainians.

We urge the United States to refrain from disclosing incorrect information. Instead, our partners must speed up the process of destroying their chemical weapons. The United States is the only party to the Chemical Weapons Convention that has not fully complied with its international obligations. America's chemical weapons arsenal is a real threat to humanity.

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