The Pentagon announced the deployment of NATO tanks to Ukraine

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Publish Date: 9:17 - 14 April 2022
Thursday, 14 April 2022 (YJC)_ A Pentagon spokesman said Washington, along with a number of NATO members, intends to supply tanks to Ukraine.

The Pentagon announced the deployment of NATO tanks to UkraineThe US Department of Defense announced the decision of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) countries to send tanks to Ukraine.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said Wednesday evening that Washington expects new military aid to Ukraine to begin immediately.

According to the RIA Novosti website, Kirby explained during a press conference at the US Department of Defense that a number of other NATO countries are planning to send tanks to Ukraine soon.

Accordingly, he declined to say which countries were in question.

A Pentagon spokesman said in a statement that "some of the new military equipment that the United States is sending to Ukraine requires training of Ukrainian forces."

According to Reuters, Kirby said:
The systems that are likely to require additional training for Ukrainian forces are anti-aircraft guns and anti-artillery radars, which are not difficult operations, but are not on Ukraine's inventory.

He added that less than a week ago, the Pentagon tried to contact the Russian Defense Minister, but the Russian side was not interested in talks.

Earlier, Russia's deputy foreign minister threatened that any NATO-owned vehicle moving into Ukraine would become a legal target for Russian troops.

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