Omicron increase in China; More cities are quarantined

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Publish Date: 13:07 - 15 April 2022
Friday, 15 April 2022 (YJC)_ Despite complete control of the omicron outbreak in some Chinese cities, some other Chinese cities are experiencing a rapidly increasing number of cases.

Omicron increase in China; More cities are quarantinedChina is currently facing the worst corona pandemic situation in two years, and while there is no prospect of ending the quarantine of Shanghai, a city of tens of millions, more cities are reportedly embroiled in the Omicron strain, Bloomberg News reported.

According to the report, in the current wave, which began in late February, restrictions and quarantine in Shenzhen and some other cities have successfully prevented the spread of the Omicron strain and allowed these cities to reopen. However, other Chinese cities are witnessing the outbreak of social unrest to curb the infection before reaching critical levels in Shanghai, which is witnessing 20,000 new cases daily.

Some experts have described the Chinese government's quarantine policy as "Covid-zero" and argue that quarantine or severe restrictions do not mean the virus is out of control.

According to the report, the omicron outbreak in Suzhou, Shanghai's neighborhood, is on the rise, and officials in the area have quarantined Kunshan since last week. The restrictions have halted production in at least 30 Taiwanese plants, including one Apple assembly plant. However, city officials in Suzhou have quarantined the city, saying they have no plans to quarantine the city.

Taiwan City, the capital of northern China's Shanghai Province, has also stepped up restrictions and controls on the corona virus, quarantining six downtown areas.

In the large and commercial city of Guangzhou in southern China, more than 130 cases of emicron were reported last week, and local officials said they were likely to increase rapidly. In this regard, some primary and secondary schools and some subway stations and indoor spaces have also been closed.

In Shanghai, China's center of world trade and financial markets and one of the country's largest ports with a population of 25 million, quarantine and restrictions continue and citizens are locked in their homes.

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