Knowledge is the solution of managerial, political and social conflicts

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Publish Date: 14:41 - 15 April 2022
Friday, 15 April 2022 (YJC)_ The interim Friday Imam of Tehran, emphasizing that knowledge creates wealth, not natural resources, said: "Knowledge is the solution to managerial, political and social conflicts."

Knowledge is the solution of managerial, political and social conflictsHojjatoleslam Ali Akbar Abu Turabi, the interim Friday Imam of Tehran, stated today, Friday, April 15, during the Friday prayers in Tehran:
The political system needs eight pillars for sustainability: democracy, meritocracy, the rule of law, security and defense and deterrence, political independence, a resilient and dynamic economy, justice and cultural advancement, science, technology and innovation.

He added:
Under the banner of science and jurisprudence, we liberated thousands of kilometers of Islamic Iran that had been occupied in the imposed war.

The interim Friday Imam of Tehran stated:
Our armed forces did not allow even one centimeter of Islamic land to fall into the hands of the enemy.

Hojjatoleslam Abu Turabi stated in the Friday prayers in Tehran:
It is the cornerstone of the power and rule of science. In religious thought, science and knowledge explain the path of movement and provide the way to reach the peaks of knowledge.

He added: ‌ The Supreme Leader of the Revolution has long insisted on science and knowledge and the transformation of Islamic Iran into one of the world's scientific authorities in the leading half of the century. One of the most important issues is to increase scientific authority on the shoulders of prominent youth.

The Friday Imam of Tehran, emphasizing that the knowledge is the solotion of political and social management conflicts, stated:
The Supreme Leader of the Revolution named 1401 the year of production, knowledge-based and employment-creating, and with the help of God Almighty in the coming months, I will comment on this transformational ideal in the second sermons of Friday prayers.

Abu Turabi Fard said: ‌
Analyzing and explaining the various dimensions of this slogan is inspiring by looking at the statement of the second stage of the revolution.

He added:
The Supreme Leader of the Revolution in 2008 called the slogan of that year innovation and prosperity, which was a very progressive, hopeful and motivating slogan. Because the formation of the knowledge-based economy paves the way for the country's innovation and prosperity.

Tehran Friday Imam added:
Knowledge-based economy is the name of an economic system in which the production of goods and services is mainly based on knowledge-based activities.

He emphasized:
Knowledge creates wealth, neither natural resources nor simple workers and manpower; The key element in this economy is capital and intellectual assets, not huge oil and gas reserves.

Tehran Friday Imam said: ‌
We must use technological innovation to create wealth, not the raw export of natural resources.

He said:
In the past, Iran's cultural, political and economic identity was linked to knowledge and intellectual innovation, but today, unfortunately, Iran's economy is tied to crude oil resources and crude exports of these expensive resources.

Tehran Friday Imam said: ‌
Major countries that use high and easy revenues of oil and gas are involved in governing and managing basic resources, ie the year in which oil is exported, foreign exchange earnings are the basis of the country's management, and the year when these resources are not available, the management system is disrupted.

Abu Turabi added:
Basic resource management is not a way for the transformation and authority of the country's economy. The domestic market has become a market for foreign goods, and domestic production faces serious challenges, while the way out of these bottlenecks is economics and knowledge-based management.

He clarified:
In the first step, the view of the country's senior and middle managers must change; The country's leaders are leading the economic system, and if this view is changed and there is no knowledge base, the Iranian economy will not be changed either.

Tehran Friday Imam said:
Production needs a driving force that puts the Iranian economy in the right place at the lowest cost, in the shortest time and with the highest acceleration.

Emphasizing that the knowledge-based economy is the product of thought, thought and science, he said:
The educated and skilled workforce is a key pillar of this economy, which has the ability to learn continuously and apply skills to create wealth from knowledge.

Abu Turabi said: ‌
Islamic Iran has a very high and valuable capacity in this field.

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