US Congress evacuated due to "air threat"

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Publish Date: 10:30 - 21 April 2022
Thursday, 21 April 2022 (YJC)_ Congressional police say the entire complex must be evacuated as a plane threatens to approach the congressional building.

US Congress evacuated due to US media reported on Thursday morning that the US Congress building had been evacuated following a security incident.

According to these reports, this security incident is related to the "air threat" that caused the evacuation of the Congress building.

Police in the US Congress also said in a statement:
We are tracking an aircraft that poses a potential threat to Congress. All buildings are evacuated.

Minutes later, Congressional police announced that the White House had been declared white following a possible air threat to the complex.

The US security apparatus fears of a possible attack on Congress coincide with a new poll in the United States that shows that about 57% of the American people are afraid of a repeat attack on Congress.

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