The President of France is angry with the visit of the British Prime Minister to Ukraine

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Publish Date: 13:17 - 23 April 2022
23 April 2022_ The French president reportedly vented his anger on his advisers over the British prime minister's sudden visit to Kiev, which sidelined his plans to travel secretly to Ukraine.

The President of France is angry with the visit of the British Prime Minister to UkraineBoris Johnson paid an unexpected visit to Kiev on April 9, and the Ukrainian embassy in London shared a photo of the British Prime Minister and President of Ukraine on Twitter as a "surprise".

Downing Street later claimed that the British prime minister's visit was to show "solidarity" with Ukraine, while Johnson announced new military and financial assistance to Ukraine.

The move angered the French president and his plans to visit Ukraine, according to the British newspaper The Daily Mail, citing French media. The French president, who is running against Marine Le Pen in the run-off on Sunday, is said to have misunderstood his advisers over the "populist" actions of the British prime minister.

Macron, who is seeking more voter support in the upcoming French presidential election, hoped to go to Kiev as an EU leader. A French satirical newspaper wrote:
Johnson's quick maneuver, which sparked praise, took the field from Macron.

According to the report, Macron was outraged by the actions of the British Prime Minister, who sought to attract Kiev, while he was criticized inside his country for the parties in the Prime Minister's Office during the corona quarantine, and said:
It is very annoying to see that Johnson still has the capacity to put himself at the forefront, while he has not really done much since the beginning (of the conflict in Ukraine). This is populism. He (Johnson) keeps saying, "Putin must fail," but there is nothing behind those words.

According to Sputnik, many critics see the purpose of Johnson's anti-Russian stance and actions since the beginning of the Ukraine crisis as diverting attention from his internal shortcomings.

The British Prime Minister, who imposed strict laws on its citizens during the height of the Corona epidemic, attended several parties, including his birthday party. The revelation of his presence and that of members of his government at these parties has become known as the Partygate scandal. Members of the British House of Commons on Thursday voted in favor of investigating Boris Johnson's lying to Parliament.

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