The United States is holding a Ukraine-based military summit in Germany

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Publish Date: 13:21 - 23 April 2022
23 April 2022_ A Pentagon spokesman said the US Secretary of Defense in Germany would host counterparts from some 40 allies to discuss the conflict in Ukraine.

The United States is holding a Ukraine-based military summit in GermanyPentagon spokesman John Kirby announced Saturday morning that the United States would host a military meeting focusing on the Ukraine conflict in Germany.

According to the Urdu Point news website, Kirby told a news conference:
The meeting will be attended by about forty countries, of which more than twenty countries have accepted the US invitation so far.

A Pentagon spokesman said yesterday that US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin would host a counterpart meeting in Germany on Tuesday to discuss the situation in Ukraine.

The meeting will take place in Germany as the Berlin government moves on the razor-sharp edge amid tensions in Ukraine.

On the one hand, the Germans are opposed to the loss of the Russian energy market and the resulting economic crisis, and on the other hand, they have sent large shipments of weapons to the Ukrainians.

Berlin continues to face sharp criticism from NATO allies in Eastern Europe, including the Baltic states and Poland, despite the widespread shipment of military equipment to Ukraine.

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