Zionist newspaper: Turkey prevents Hamas members from entering its territory

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Publish Date: 12:46 - 27 April 2022
Wednesday, 27 April 2022 (YJC)_ Just a few months after the normalization of relations between Ankara and Tel Aviv, a Hebrew newspaper reported that Ankara officials would not allow Hamas members to enter Turkish territory.

Zionist newspaper: Turkey prevents Hamas members from entering its territoryThe Israel Hume newspaper reported today (Wednesday) that Ankara had barred dozens of members of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) from entering Turkey at Tel Aviv's request.

The Arab 48 news website quoted Israel Hume as saying that Hamas' criticism of a recent Turkish statement condemning recent operations in the occupied cities was a response to the events of the past two months.

About two weeks ago, Hamas spokesman Hazem Qassem condemned Turkey and Bahrain for supporting Tel Aviv. A Hamas spokesman stressed that the Palestinian operation in the occupied territories was a "resistance" act that "is guaranteed by all international law."
These regimes (Turkey and Bahrain) should be more in line with the positions of their nations, which support Palestine and its people and their resistance. We call on these countries to withdraw their convictions and apologize to our people.

Israel Hume says Hamas has refrained from refraining from criticizing Turkey's actions, especially after Israeli President Ishaq Herzog's visit to Ankara and his meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Israel Hume added, quoting a Palestinian source:
This is not just a matter of preventing accidental entry [of Hamas members into Turkey], but Ankara has called on dozens of Hamas activists to leave the country. This practically happened in the last two months and some people connected with the military branch of Hamas were fired.

The source, who was not named, continued:
Israel is behind the move and has sent a list of dozens of letters to Ankara to prevent them from entering Turkish territory under the pretext of their involvement in a series of military actions. That is why the Turkish Turks went to the Hamas officials and told them:
You promised not to do such things on our soil. Now you have to leave [Turkish territory].

According to Israel Hume, Turkish officials have told Hamas leaders that they have economic interests with Israel and that there are new signs that their political relations are improving. The Zionist newspaper added that Hamas knows that Israel has influence in Turkey's security affairs and is influencing the way some representatives of the Israeli security services have traveled to Turkey.

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