Hezbollah: Resistance defeats US and Saudi goals in Lebanese elections

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Publish Date: 10:42 - 28 April 2022
Thursday, 28 April 2022 (YJC)_ Hezbollah's representative in the Lebanese parliament stressed that the US and Saudi ambassadors meet with their allies every day to find a way to achieve a parliamentary majority, but will not achieve their goals.

Hezbollah: Resistance defeats US and Saudi goals in Lebanese electionsHussein al-Haj Hassan, a member of the Lebanese parliament's Faithful Resistance faction and chairman of the Baalbek-Hermel parliamentary faction, said in a speech that the US ambassador and Saudi ambassador, along with their allies in Lebanon, are working to achieve a parliamentary majority in the upcoming elections. And their goal is to bring in a president and a speaker of parliament and a prime minister to implement the projects of these countries. The two ambassadors meet with their allies in Lebanon every day to find a way to achieve this goal.

According to Al-Ahd, he emphasized:
However, the United States and Saudi Arabia will fail to achieve these goals due to the Lebanese people's awareness and adherence to the line of resistance and their deep understanding of the goals of the enemies of the resistance and Hezbollah. This is while Washington's allies in Lebanon do not dare to say that the United States has hit Lebanon and put the people under severe economic, financial and political siege; Instead, they resort to spreading lies and accusations against Hezbollah.

The Lebanese MP stressed:
Anyone who plots against Hezbollah cannot be accused of corruption, and there is no evidence that Hezbollah is responsible for the collapse of Lebanon.

He explained that the economic, financial and livelihood collapse in Lebanon is due to the following:

- The presence of a political system based on sectarianism and quotas.

- Transforming the country's economy into a rent-seeking economy full of corruption.

- The severe economic blockade of the United States against the Lebanese people.

Alhaj Hassan continued:
March 14 Coalition forces stood up to the country's competitive law and entered into public debt policy, but our project is based on establishing an independent government and a productive economy free from any dependency.

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