Bloody Wednesday in Mississippi, USA; 5 people were killed

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Publish Date: 12:36 - 28 April 2022
Thursday, 28 April 2022 (YJC)_ At least five people, including a gunman, were killed in a shooting in Mississippi on Wednesday morning.

Bloody Wednesday in Mississippi, USA; 5 people were killedOn Wednesday morning, local time, a 32-year-old gunman attacked a hotel in Beluxi, Mississippi, killing at least three people.

According to the report, an armed suspect clashed with security forces for two hours in a two-hour standoff, after which police officers used tear gas to enter a building where the gunman had taken refuge.

According to investigators, the shooter, apparently Jeremy Alsonder Reynolds, 32, shot dead three people at an Express Broadway inn after a fight over money with a hotel guard.

According to the report, after the incident, Reynolds then fled the scene and went to Gulfport near the shooting site, where he stole a car and attacked another man near Rio Grande Street and shot him. Cultivation.

According to reports, Reynolds hid in a grocery store when police arrived, and after police used tear gas to enter the building, security forces found the body of the shooter, and the cause of death is still unknown.

Free arms shipments in the United States lead to gun-related violence on a daily basis throughout the country, but the arms lobby in the United States is so powerful that the US Congress has so far refused to pass laws restricting arms shipments to the United States.

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