Yemeni official: Saudi coalition will regret missing opportunities

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Publish Date: 12:39 - 28 April 2022
Thursday, 28 April 2022 (YJC)_ Referring to the Saudi sabotage in the course of the talks, a member of the Yemeni Ansarullah negotiating team said that the Saudi coalition would regret losing its opportunities.

Yemeni official: Saudi coalition will regret missing opportunities"Abdul Malik al-Ajri," a member of the Yemeni Ansarullah negotiating team, criticized the Saudi coalition for sabotaging and making excuses for a ceasefire and negotiations.
The Saudi coalition wants a fire like the cows of Israel. A collection of endless conversations.

Referring to the Saudi coalition's obstruction of lifting the ban on flights at Sanaa Airport, he said that according to the agreement, the flights included only 16 flights to the two Saudi allies and were affected by patients and students. This scoring was just to complete the argument.

Al-Ajri added:
Our people testify that their suffering has reached the point where the citizenship of those who live outside the occupied territories of the Saudi coalition has been taken away. But we promise you that they (the Saudi coalition and its allies) will, by God's leave, regret regretting any opportunity [in the negotiation process].

A few days ago, Youssef al-Fishi, a Yemeni Ansarullah leader, also warned Riyadh in response to the Saudi coalition's continuing sabotage during a two-month ceasefire declared by the United Nations.

He said Ansar al-Houthi leader Abdul Malik al-Houthi could carry out operations deep inside Riyadh without Yemeni interference, as there is opposition in Saudi Arabia who are willing to do so. The question is, if he can do such an operation, why does he not do it. The answer is that Sayyid (Abdul Malik al-Houthi) does not move his card except at the right time.

Al-Fishi continued:
The Saudis do not want to give up their aggression and crimes until there are direct talks between them and Yemen over Najran, Jizan, Asir and maybe Khamis Mushait and areas deep in Saudi Arabia. But I must warn that if the battle reaches the stage of existential battle and beyond breaking the bone, you may see operations in Riyadh.

Addressing Al Saud, the Yemeni Ansarullah leader stressed:
If Sanaa uses its cards, you will cry.

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