Britain sends 8,000 troops to Eastern Europe

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Publish Date: 11:11 - 29 April 2022
Friday, 29 April 2022 (YJC)_ The British Army will send about 8,000 troops to Eastern Europe to participate in large-scale exercises, and will also deploy dozens of tanks in joint action with NATO and Joint Expeditionary Forces.

Britain sends 8,000 troops to Eastern EuropeAbout 8,000 British troops will take part in combat exercises across Eastern Europe for what is being called "countering Russian aggression". According to the British newspaper "Guardian", this is the largest deployment of forces since the Cold War.

Dozens of tanks will be deployed this summer in countries from Finland to northern Macedonia, according to the report, in line with plans strengthened since the start of the conflict in Ukraine. Tens of thousands of NATO troops and joint deployment forces, including Finland and Sweden, will join them.

The British Defense Ministry said the move had long been planned and strengthened in response to a Russian attack on its neighbor in late February. "Britain has a significant role to play in defending Europe and deterring Russian aggression," said Ground Force Commander General Ralph Woodis. The British Army's set of exercises is essential to both. The scale of deployment, combined with the professionalism, training and agility of the military, prevents aggression on a scale never seen before in Europe this century.

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