Suspicious landing of 8 UAE cargo planes in the occupied territories

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Publish Date: 13:57 - 30 April 2022
Saturday, 30 April 2022 (YJC)_ A Hebrew newspaper published a report on the landing of eight UAE heavy cargo planes in the occupied Palestinian territories and the possibility of transferring military equipment through this route.

Suspicious landing of 8 UAE cargo planes in the occupied territoriesA Zionist newspaper has revealed that huge cargo planes belonging to the UAE Air Force have landed in occupied Palestine several times in the past two weeks.

The Jerusalem Post quoted the Zionist newspaper as saying that the reason for the flights was not yet clear, but that it was expected that they were transferring security and military equipment under a joint defense agreement recently signed by the two sides.

According to the newspaper, in the past two weeks, eight C-17 Globemaster cargo planes have landed in occupied Palestine; All of which belong to the UAE Air Force.

The planes reportedly landed at Israel's Nifatim military airport in the Negev Desert and took off one hour after landing.
The newspaper also quoted a statement from the Israeli Ministry of War in early April as saying that the value of Israeli military exports last year was $ 11.2 billion, 7% of which went to Arab countries that signed normalization agreements with Israel under the Ibrahim Agreement. They will return.

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