Biden: I did not know about the milk powder crisis in the United States

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Publish Date: 11:41 - 02 June 2022
Thursday, 2 June 2022 (YJC)_ The president said he was informed two months later, contradicting statements made by his administration officials about awareness of milk shortages in the country from day one.

Biden: I did not know about the milk powder crisis in the United StatesAs the shortage of powdered milk continues in the United States, Joe Biden said on Wednesday (June 1st) that he was personally aware of the severe shortage of powdered milk for infants until early April, two months after a factory closed and then recalled. Was not.

"Biden milk producers said during a roundtable discussion at the White House:
I became aware of this problem in early April and how severe it was. We have done everything we can since then. I do not think anyone predicted the effect of shutting down a facility.

According to the Hill news website, Biden's remarks contradict his administration, which has repeatedly said the White House has been working around the clock since February. White House spokeswoman Karin Jean-Pierre told a news conference late Wednesday that the White House had been working with agencies to address the shortage of powdered milk in the United States since the first day of the Abbott Nutrition plant's call in February, but did not elaborate. More on why Biden was not informed of the situation until April.

According to the report, Biden's confession came minutes after executives at some of the leading producers said they knew the shutdown would have a significant impact on milk availability. "Ricket Senior Vice President Robert Cleveland said at the meeting with the President of the United States:
We were aware of the overall impact of this. We knew from the beginning that this would be a very serious event.

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