Russia opposes Turkish aggression in northern Syria

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Publish Date: 19:22 - 03 June 2022
Friday, 3 June 2022 (YJC)_ A Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman warned that Moscow's opposition to Turkey's invasion of northern Syria was deteriorating.

Russia opposes Turkish aggression in northern SyriaRussian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova warned on Thursday that Turkish forces had invaded northern Syria.

According to Al-Jazeera, Zakharova told a news conference:
We hope that Ankara will refrain from taking actions that could lead to a dangerous deterioration of the current difficult situation in Syria.

The Russian diplomat said:
Such an action in the absence of an agreement with the legitimate Syrian government would directly violate Syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Zakharova added:
We understand Turkey's concerns about national security threats to the country from the border areas, but this problem can only be solved through Syrian forces.

In addition to Russia, Linda Thomas Greenfield, the US envoy to the United Nations during a visit to Ankara, has opposed Turkey's operation in northern Syria.

A Greenfield spokesman said in a statement:

In Washington's view, the military operation would lead to "the displacement of more people, the risk of escalating instability in a fragile field, and the weakening of the international coalition's efforts to defeat ISIS."

As tensions escalated between the Turkish military and opposition groups on the one hand, and the so-called "Syrian Democratic Forces" (Qassad) militia on the other, the Turkish army entered the Syrian territory on Wednesday night.

A Turkish military commander in al-Jaish al-Watani (National Army) affiliated with the Syrian opposition said that the Turkish army entered Syria on Wednesday last week through the Bab al-Salama border crossing in the northern Aleppo city of Azaz and transferred it to Turkish bases. Is.

According to him, another military convoy also entered from the Tel Abyad crossing in the northern reef of Raqqa and was transferred to the southern areas of Tel Abyad.

According to Reuters, Zakharova also warned at a news conference on Thursday about Germany's re-militarization and increase in its military budget.

A spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry said:
We consider the German Chancellor's remarks to be further confirmation that Berlin is on the path to rapid re-militarization. Where will this happen? The answer is well known in history.

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