Biden was transferred to a safe place for security reasons

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Publish Date: 9:48 - 05 June 2022
Sunday, 5 June 2022 (YJC)_ Secret agents evacuated President Biden's home after a plane entered its airspace.

Biden was transferred to a safe place for security reasonsAfter an unidentified plane entered the airspace above the beach house of US President Joe Biden in Delaware, US Secret Service agents transferred the US President to a safe place.

According to the Russian network RT, the US Secret Service said in a statement that the president was taken to a safe place at around 13:00 local time yesterday (Saturday). A private jet mistakenly crashed into a safe area near Biden Resort on Dehlover Beach in Delaware.

The US Secret Service clarified:
The plane was quickly flown out of control airspace.

According to the report, the safe place to which Biden was taken was apparently a nearby fire station, and a convoy of Biden vehicles was seen entering the fire station, and a truck carrying the President of the United States went inside the fire station. .

While US intelligence agents were clearing the area and investigating the possible threat, a 20-minute curfew was imposed.

CBS correspondent Bo Erickson reported that two military jets flew low over the coastal city after spotting the unauthorized aircraft.

A local resident told Erickson that around 12:45 pm he saw a small white plane flying near Biden's beach house. Two military jets flew over the coast of Ryhoboth a few minutes later.

According to the report, the US Secret Service explained about this incident:
Preliminary investigations show that the pilot was not suitable for the radio channel, did not follow the NOTAMS (flight notice) and flight instructions. The US Secret Service will have a conversation with the pilot.

According to the report, the Biden convoy returned to the beach house after the inspectors concluded that there was no security threat.

While Biden is staying with his family at a beach house in Delaware, the Federal Aviation Administration has imposed temporary flight restrictions in the area from Thursday night until Sunday morning.

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