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Publish Date: 11:31 - 02 April 2013
TEHRAN, YJC.-- I watched in utter amazement last week as the so-called Arab League endorsed the external overthrow of a member state, which involves not only other member states' funding of arms smuggling, but their supporting terrorism against the Syrian people.
Bashar al-Assad was one the Arab League had no problem with previously. So why the change of policy now?

Despite their Phds. and many years in government, these League Arabs seem to suffer from the traditional elitist disease which is, "Do like I say, not like I do.” The monarchies ruling some of the member states are nothing more than thieves themselves, albeit well-dressed ones, but they historically have limited themselves to robbing their own people.

I had a Moroccan visitor a few months ago here in Atlanta who explained to me the Moroccan attitude toward not supporting the Communists. "Why should we go through all of the trouble for a communist revolution just to then be robbed by Communists, when we can avoid all of that disruption by keeping the robbers we have now?” It was a refreshing admission.

When regime change comes to their door with deep pockets supplying arms to internal opposition, their overseas assets being seized, families being car bombed and universities mortared, they will regret the day when they gave permission for it. That is exactly what they have done here, a most irresponsible move.

The West and NATO do not get off scot-free here, either. Those dummies are repeating the huge mistakes made by the CIA and Saudi Arabia in bringing the Mujaheddin in to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan, opening that Pandora’s box for which we are still paying dearly.

Because no one was held accountable for that fiasco, it seems no one is afraid to repeat it.

Whatever happens to Assad, even if he left, a civil war would ensue immediately between the secular Syrians, the Brotherhood and the Salafists, …continuing the nightmare on the Syrian people. We now have the crazy situation where the Israelis and American trainers are supporting what is deemed to be the al-Qaeda wing of the opposition by our own State Dept. As we like to say so much around here at VT, "You just can't make this stuff up. No one would ever believe you.”

I am not the only one who thinks the Arab League has driven its Rolls Royce over the cliff. Franklin Lamb wrote recently, "Some Arab League analysts claim that there won’t be much left of the Arab League by 2020. One joke currently making the rounds on Capitol Hill is "Which will implode first, the Arab League or its master, the Zionist occupiers of Palestine?” Answer: "Too close to call.”

Lamb adds further, "Many are asking why the ‘sanctions of its members-happy’ Arab League consistently fails to act on what is happening in Palestine and why it never has kept its pledge to suspend the AL membership of countries that host Israeli embassies against their people’s will."

The American and Western policy of war not only via high-tech weaponry but also by sanctions and banking blackmail is creating new enemies where there were none before. Imperialism is on the march behind the thin veil of protecting 'interests.'

But I do not see these other countries selling advance weapons and providing training to the Mexican drug cartels. I do not see them establishing forward bases in the Caribbean for their bombers and missiles to 'protect their interests'. No...only the leader of the free world is doing that, and impoverishing it's own people in a very dangerous financial situation.

American funding for the IDF despite its long record of war crimes makes us legally an accessory as a country. And not arresting dual passport holding American settler Jews for supporting terrorism on the West Bank is an even worse indictment. Bush said we would hunt all the terrorists down wherever they were, and in this case when they visit America we say welcome home.

Our corporate media continue to present themselves as what you would expect from the media of an occupation army. The stain will not wash off, but it will be our blood and treasure that is being splashed all around the crime scene.

There is a need for revolution in many places, not the kind to take over and improve things, but the kind that is needed just to survive. I worry that too many are too stupid to see this before it is too late. One little clue that I read today was that Congressional inquiries to our Homeland Security as to their huge ammo and armored vehicle purchases are being ignored…a very bad and dangerous sign.

Government by the people, for the people? If any Americans still believe that they have been reading too many comic books, they can try contacting Homeland Security about anything and will discover quickly what their attitude is about serving the public…too often one of contempt.

It’s time to put dismantling Homeland Security on the table. Yes, it has become a Frankenstein in terms of a national security threat itself. It is acting like, and preparing to be, an occupation army with its new 2700 state-of-the-art armored vehicles.

I found a photo today of Syrian opposition fighters having a boy, maybe nine years old, chop off a prisoner's head. It made me think of the famous Spanish civil war photo of the moment of impact when a soldier took a head shot and became the photo poster for that war. This little boy will certainly be in the running for this one.

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