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Publish Date: 23:52 - 25 February 2015
TEHRAN – President Hassan said on Wednesday that in nuclear negotiations with the great powers Iran will neither accept anything imposed on it nor will it tolerate any “humiliation” or “continuation of sanctions” on the country.
"In negotiations we will neither accept anything imposed (on us) nor humiliation and a continuation of sanctions,” Rouhani told thousands of well-wishers in the shrine city of Qom, which is home to grand ayatollahs.

Nuclear talks should lead to a lifting of all "cruel” and "illegal” sanctions against the country, he stated. "The result of negotiations should be lifting of all cruel and illegal sanctions.”

Rouhani said sanctions violate human rights.

He added that Iran is not isolated in the world. "It is not us who are isolated in the world; it is others who are isolated.”

The president pointed to his government’s slogan which revolves around saving economy, reviving morality and constructive interaction with the world.

Rouhani added that the government has taken important steps in foreign policy and improving relations with other countries, specifically neighboring ones.

Iran will follow the path of resolving problems, specifically the nuclear issue, with firm resolve and without paying attention to any "one’s propaganda”, he insisted.

Iran has taken an "important step” regarding the nuclear issue since the signing of interim nuclear deal in November 2013, Rouhani said.

Rouhani also said that Iran will continue nuclear talks with "logic and reasoning”.

Addressing the West, the president said Iranians will never leave the path of scientific development.

Government needs the support of Qom

The president also said his government views the shrine city Qom of which is home to top religious scholars as a supporter of his government.

"I want to clearly announce that government needs Qom.”

The country’s greatest "religious” and "political” honors have their origins in Qom Seminary, the president noted.

He added, "Even the late Imam (Khomeini) was trained in this seminary.”  

"This seminary is an independent institute and will remain so. This great independent seminary has never been and will never be under the flag of any (political) party or faction,” Rouhani explained. 

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