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Publish Date: 14:14 - 03 April 2013
TEHRAN, YJC. -- Russian blogger reveals ‘Berezovsky's letter to Putin', in this letter the staunch opponents of Vladimir Putin had asked the president to let him to back to Russia.
In a scandalous development, a Russian blogger has revealed what he called a real letter sent by the late oligarch Boris Berezovsky to Russia’s President Vladimir Putin shortly before his death in the locked bathroom of his vast mansion near London

In the foreword to the letter the blogger says: "Don’t ask me how I laid my hands on it and how much I had to pay for it. It was a pain. It was expensive.”

The alleged letter is a plea of the fugitive Russian tycoon seeking the permission of President Putin to come back to Russia.

In it, Boris Berezovsky asks the Russian strongman to forgive his mistakes and offers a public confession. "A lot of what I did or said was unjust and deserves severe censure,” the self-exiled oligarch writes.

The letter goes on to appeal to Vladimir Putin saying in a heart-broken tone: "I’m already 68, an old man, who has spent 12 years in exile. Can it be that neither my old age nor my forced alienation from the Motherland has atoned my guilt?”

"I have been longing for Russia since the first day [of the exile] and every day away from it only deepened my sorrows,” the billionaire economist seems to have written.

This fascinating letter full of unexpected humility wraps up with a tearful plea from Berezovsky to let him come back and die at home.

The publication came days after President Putin’s spokesperson announced the letter would never be disclosed.

Berezovsky  was one of Putin's main opponent who fled to UK after he came to the power. A few days a go his body found dead in his home in London. Since he was Jews and allegedly connection with Mosad many believe that maybe Israeli intelligence service is behind killing of the billionaire.
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