President: Bypassing sanctions disgraces enemy

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Publish Date: 11:10 - 08 April 2013
Tehran, YJC. The President has said that sanctions could be bypassed so that the enemy is disgraced.

Ahmadinejad in a meeting with lawmakers Sunday evening said that "Overcoming pressures takes integrity and companionship of the govt. and Majlis and resistance to reformist plans.”

He stated "Although superstructural measures are needed and must be followed they cannot lead the country to the destination by themselves. Therefore, along them, we must follow basic plans, which if we do not do, problems will remain.”

Ahmadinejad added "It is true that the enemy has put sanctions, but they can be bypassed in a way the they are made ashamed on the global arena. The condition for that is that a number of bold infrastructural plans are made and carried out.”

"Nothing is more important in this country than the base of the Islamic Revolution and the Holy Resistance. These happened in this country to show that other huge deeds can be performed, for which the economical, cultural, and human sources also exist.”

He then added that in the previous year the enemy created situations and expected the country to undergo crisis. But a number of anonymous children of this land worked day and night and made sacrifice to defuse the enemy’s schemes.

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