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Publish Date: 13:59 - 08 April 2013
Tehran, YJC. The same way she started her acting career, Badiee ended it by donating not only her organs, but things for his fans to learn.
Maybe when she was playing her first feature she did not think that what she was acting she would live, be it after her death. But Asal Badiee  did donate her organs to help 7 regain their normal lives.

Asal Badiee , a lovely face among Iranian celebrities died on April 1 of brain death. The news was already a shock to people, but when it was said that last year she had volunteered to donate her organs the news became a trend. Press as well as social websites followed the process moment by moment.

To Be or Not to Be (1997) was Badiee ’s first appearance in cinema. There she plays a girl in need of heart transplant. After some struggle she manages to get the heart and has a successful operation.

Her burial ceremony was accompanied by thousands of fans who admired not only her acting, but her personality and her final role as a life-giving artist.

Her son, Janyar Arabnia, said  during the ceremony "I thank my mother for what she did for me. I wouldn’t be if she were not. She did everything for me, even things she didn’t like … I want to thank her before everybody and promise to do as would please her.”

Asal's last diary entry reads "This year is mine. I want to appear surprising this year."

Sweet her memory as her name, meaning honey, was! 

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19:49 20 November 1392
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