Imperialism underpins terrorism via intelligence services

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Publish Date: 12:54 - 09 April 2013
Tehran, YJC. The Minister of Intelligence has said that global terrorism is boosted by intelligence services of Imperialism.

During his visit to Iraq, the Islamic Republic of Iran Minister of Intelligence provided comments on global terrorism and said "The formation of the Islamic Awakening has left the enemy helpless but to use any procedures in coping with the phenomena. One of the enemy’s tactics to spread disunity in the Islamic world is using terrorist groups. Therefore today the Islamic world is witnessing this unwelcome phenomenon whose clandestine design by Imperialist intelligence services is well-known. There are firm and undeniable documents on that.”

"Therefore,” he added "disagreements, tension, and conflict among different strata in these countries has a totally different nature than terrorism, but those who design terrorist acts tap into existing disagreements as a ground to implement it. In Iraq as well, different classes including Shiite, Sunni, Kurd, Arab and other faiths and ethnicities have suffered terrorism. Therefore, despite disagreements on diverse governmental issues, they are unified on this phenomenon.”

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