IME trading volume hits $1,152 mln in January

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Publish Date: 19:05 - 01 February 2017
The Iranian Mercantile Exchange (IME) played host to trading of 2,205 KT of various commodities worth over $1,152 million in spot and side markets in January.
IME trading hits $1,152 mln in January2,205 KT of different commodities were traded in domestic and export trading floors including 1,181 KT of various commodities worth more than $555 million in oil and petrochemical trading floor, 760 KT of different products worth approximately $517 million in metals and minerals trading floor, and approximately 236 KT of agricultural products worth $71.8 million in agricultural trading floor in the spot market.

Moreover, this month, the export trading floor witnessed trading of 289,825 MT of bitumen worth more than $83.8 million, 3,405 MT of insulation worth more than $1,254, 110,000 MT of iron ore worth approximately $3.2 million, 2,000 MT of lube cut oil worth over $880,027 as well as 30,000 MT of wheat worth more than $8.4 million.
In addition, the IME experienced trading of 28,881 MT of products worth $83,847 in its side market during the same month.

It is worth noting, the derivatives market played host to the trading of 688,350 gold coin futures contracts worth over $2,798 million.

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