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Publish Date: 13:09 - 15 April 2013
Tehran, YJC. Haghshenas has said that the presence of Mohammad Khatami on the electoral stage will not benefit the Reform Front.

Mohammadjavad Haghshenas said "I believe that Reformist candidates such as Shariatmadari, Kavakebian, and Aref cannot have a position, but I also believe that Mr. Khatami’s presence is ill-advised.”

Vice President of the Reform Front also said "I do not think that Khatami running for elections will benefit the Reform current, but if we are to consider there a winner for his presence, that would be the Islamic Republic of Iran and the nation.”

"If a current is to get harmed by the presence of Khatami on the electoral stage that would be the Reform current and Khatami himself,” Haghshenas believed.

He also said "From my point of view it would be a sacrifice if Khatami runs as candidate. This is not only my opinion, but that of many wise Reformists who have said that whoever takes on this government will have a difficult job.”

"Things would be as hard as welding under water for the next administration,” Haghshenas stated.

He also said in answer to a question whether Hashemi would be able to draw votes from the middle and elite Reform strata "Hashemi has the potential to attract the majority of votes from Reformist mid and elite layers if he runs personally. But they can not lead votes from the lower strata towards him.”

"If Khatami himself runs he would draw 60 percent of the votes,” he continued "but if he endorses someone that would not mean all his votes go to that person. That does not happen in our country. Our people differentiate between a person and the one he endorses. It depends on the individuals’ potential to attract votes. We have no party system in our country, so it is individuals themselves who can attract votes.”

Haghshenas also added "If the optimal Reform candidate and the optimal government candidate, who is Mashaee, would have the chance to be on the electoral stage, elections will become tri-polar where Principalist, Reformist, and government representatives will go into a fair competition and elections would draw to the second round.”

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