Which countries are main importers and exporters to Iran?

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Publish Date: 10:45 - 02 March 2017
China, the UAE and Iraq are three export targets of Iran, with China, the UAE and South Korea are main exporters to Tehran.
Which countries are main importers and exporters to Iran?
Gas condensate, LNG and light oils are Iran’s main exports, and field corn, soybean and CKD car parts are the country’s key imports.
Over the first 10 months of Iranian calendar year (started on March 21, 2016) China’s share of Iran’s exports reached 18.6 percent, the UAE 16.1 percent, Iraq 14.3 percent, Turkey 8 percent, South Korea 7.3 percent, India 6.6 percent, Afghanistan 6 percent, Japan 2.8 percent, Pakistan 1.9 percent and Oman 1.4 percent.
Iran’s 10 ten exported goods included 17.1 percent gas condensate, 5.5 percent LNG, 3.8 percent light oils, 3 percent oil gases, 2.8 percent liquefied propane, 2.3 percent pistachio, 2.3 percent polyethylene, 2 percent methanol, 1.7 percent urea and 1.7 percent liquefied butane.
Speaking of main exporters to Iran, China with 24 percent share comes first and is followed by the UAE with 15.7 percent, South Korea with 8 percent, Turkey with 6.3 percent, Germany with 5.6 percent, India with 4.5 percent, Russia with 4 percent, Switzerland with 3 percent, Brazil with 2.8 percent and Italy with 2.7 percent.
The main imported goods to Iran included field corn 3.3 percent, soybean 2.2 percent, CKD car parts 2 percent, rice 1.5 percent, banana 1 percent and other seeds except feed wheat 1 percent.

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