UK foreign secretary to visit Russia with 'tough message'

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Publish Date: 19:42 - 04 March 2017
Britain's foreign secretary will soon travel to Russia on a visit his office says will be consistent with the country's "engage but beware" policy toward Moscow.
UK foreign secretary to visit Russia with 'tough message'
Boris Johnson will become the first foreign secretary to visit Moscow in more than five years. The timing of the visit has yet to be confirmed.
His office said Saturday that discussions with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov will focus on the bilateral relationship and "current international issues including Syria and Ukraine."
Johnson has been critical of Russian foreign policy, AP reported.
Local media reports quoted unnamed sources saying the visit doesn't signal a reset in bilateral ties, unlikely while Moscow maintains its current stance on Ukraine.
Johnson has assured Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko he will convey a "tough message" on the situation in the country.

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