Two militants blow selves up to avoid arrest in Bangladesh

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Publish Date: 11:15 - 16 March 2017
TEHRAN, March 16, YJC - Two militants from a banned group in Bangladesh have blown themselves up during a security raid on their hideout in the country’s southeast.
Two militants blow selves up to avoid arrest in Bangladesh
TEHRAN, Young Journalists Club (YJC) - Police said the incident occurred early on Thursday, when the hideout of a pair suspected to be members of the Jamayetul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) was besieged outside the port city of Chittagong.
The militants opened fire at police and hurled grenades before ultimately blowing themselves up to avoid arrest.
"They came out in the stairs and carried out a big explosion. Parts of their bodies were spread to 25-30 meters,” said Sanwar Hossain, a deputy commissioner of the police counter-terrorism unit. "Two people including a woman are confirmed dead.”
Police sources said an officer was wounded by a grenade during the raid.
A day earlier, Bangladeshi police, backed up by an elite security unit, had arrested a couple for being linked to the militant group after storming their hideout in the same area.
"We arrested them as the wife was holding her three-month old child in one hand and tried to explode the suicide vest with the other. Our bomb disposal unit later defused the vest,” said Mosiuddowla Reza, the superintendent of local police.
He added that the two were JMB members.
Although many of the terror attacks conducted by local extremist groups in Bangladesh in the past year have been claimed by the Daesh and al-Qaeda terrorist groups, the government of Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina says local radical outfits, particularly the JMB, have also been responsible.
The militant group is blamed for a series of deadly attacks, including a café siege in Dhaka last July, when 22 people, including 18 foreign hostages, were killed, Presstv reported.
Since the bloody café attack in Dhaka, local security forces have been staging a massive crackdown on radical groups, killing nearly 50 suspected militants, including what they have identified as the founders of a new JMB faction.


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