To-be military achievements of current year

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Publish Date: 15:39 - 29 April 2013
Tehran, YJC. Official provides comments on new military developments underway.

Rear Admiral Farhad Amiri, former Deputy of Independence Crusade of the Marine Forces and incumbent Deputy of the Independence Crusade of the Center for Industrial Research of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran in an interview provided comments on the projects underway by the Iranian Army.

He said "The national helicopter is under construction by the Defense Industries, to be operational this year.”

Amiri also pointed to the warship Jamaran3 and added "Our submarines and destroyers are equipped with flat-face radars. "

He then pointed to the time for inaugurating the Sahand destroyer and added "Surely we will finish the Sahand destroyer sooner than the allocated time ends. The project will be operational in a short while and this year will be the year to slip Sahand into water.

Amiri also provided comments on the presence of American warships in the Persian Gulf and said "Maybe the Americans take pride in their huge aircraft carriers, but they also well know that a big aircraft carrier can be a big target as well. We have several islands around the US aircraft carriers which count for us as one big aircraft carrier.”

He then addressed allegations that Iran has met with failure in developing S300 missiles and said "It is not rational to claim that we possess all that there is in the world. In the Islamic Republic of Iran we did not have many of the products we needed, but we could develop them whenever we decided to. In the 80s and 90s Iran made a decision to develop submarines, and today our marine forces are equipped with all sorts of submarines and produce them.”

Rear Admiral Amiri stated "The S300 system is a modern missile system in the world. For its need, the Islamic Republic of Iran intended to buy the system from Russia. But with US intervention this did not happen. Yet again this paved the way for independence and the belief that we could produce the system.”

He further said "We cannot tell the details of the project because the arrogance will hinder our access to it in whatever possible ways. Therefore it has been decided that no information be given on the subject in order to contradict the enemys plots. But I have to stress the fact that the Iranian S300 system is underway and the subsystem tests are finished. Other phases of the project will be undertaken in the current year. God willing, the Bavar373 missile system will be inaugurated next year.


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