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Publish Date: 12:00 - 02 May 2013
Tehran, YJC. Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei close confident of Iranian President has said that the governmental current will not run for the presidentials unless it is necessary.

Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei attended a meeting with bloggers, university professors, and the elite on Wednesday evening.

He pointed to the negative outlooks towards his speeches and said "My crime is that I retell the clergy. They tell me you must not say these things. My answer is if I, as a scholar, am not to state religious values and it is to be only the clergy to say them, does that mean the dissemination of the clergy’s word in society?”

He also pointed out the need for criticism in society and said "The society is dead in which questions are not asked and questioning is a taboo.”

Head of the Secretariat of the Non-Aligned Movement asserted that the problem with the country is that no one asks questions.

Head of the Presidential Office said "During one of the Presidents’ terms some service was rendered which must not be overlooked. All in all good slogans were heard and the name of the people was mentioned at that very time. Love truth wherever you see it, else your time will also run up. Those who boasted of freedom were not bound to its prevalence, which ended their time. They talked much nice things but didn’t abide to them.”

"If you want your term not to run up be bound to freedom. The last 8 years was not your time. These 8 ears is a preliminary to a new era which belongs to you. There is joy in paying the price. The harder the job the more it attracts the beloved. To expect the spring takes paying something.

Mashaei went on "Me and Mr. Ahmadinejad attended the circle of 35 people of the American Foreign Policy Council. The meeting was presided by the initiator of the double-dealings in Iran-Iraq in the nuclear war. They gave their views one by one on different issues such as nuclear, human rights, Middle East, etc. And they were knocked down one by one by this spring soldier, Ahmadinejad (who is the soldier of the spring and I smell spring of him).”

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