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TEHRAN, Jun 17 - Mankind's first steps on the moon a half-century ago were followed by three more years of lunar missions. And then, a standstill.
News ID: 40794    Publish Date : 2019/06/17

TEHRAN, May 22 - Iran’s Judiciary Chief Hojatoleslam Seyed Ebrahim Raeisi emphasized the need for decent judicial support from all Iranian organizations for the nationals residing abroad.
News ID: 39697    Publish Date : 2019/05/22

TEHRAN, May 08 - The African National Congress faced its toughest electoral test on Wednesday as it sought to reverse a slide in support from voters frustrated by graft and racial inequalities a generation after it won power in South Africa’s first all-race poll.
News ID: 39037    Publish Date : 2019/05/08

TEHRAN, May 02 -Former US Vice President Joe Biden has called for a halt to US support of the Saudi-led war on crisis-hit Yemen.
News ID: 38723    Publish Date : 2019/05/02

TEHRAN, Apr 17 - Oil markets fell on Thursday despite a surprise decline in U.S. inventories, but the price drops were tempered by a smaller-than-expected reduction in gasoline stocks and ongoing OPEC-led supply cuts.
News ID: 38062    Publish Date : 2019/04/18

TEHRAN, Mar 14 -Members of Parliament in Britain have allowed the government to seek a delay to its withdrawal from the European Union beyond the planned departure date of March 29.
News ID: 36813    Publish Date : 2019/03/15

TEHRAN, Jan 16 - BAE Systems has signed a five-year, $79.8 million contract to assist the U.S. Navy in maintaining and operating electronic, communication and computing platforms across the Pacific and Indian Oceans.
News ID: 34160    Publish Date : 2019/01/16

TEHRAN, Jan 2 - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani urged Muslim countries to support the Palestinian nation’s right to establish an independent state in the occupied territories and designate Jerusalem al-Quds as its capital.
News ID: 33644    Publish Date : 2019/01/02

TEHRAN, December 18 -Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday called for support of the state economy while also guiding the development of the private sector, and said China will expand efforts at opening up and ensure the implementation of major reform measures.
News ID: 32979    Publish Date : 2018/12/18

TEHRAN, November 20 -CACI International has been awarded a $413 million contract by the Federal Acquisition Service to provide support for ground-based intelligence and communications systems within the Army's Trojan Strong program.
News ID: 31756    Publish Date : 2018/11/20

TEHRAN, November 15 -U.S. troops on the U.S.-Mexico border are providing logistical and medical support , including temporary housing, to customs and border law enforcement efforts, and are mostly unarmed, Secretary of Defense James Mattis said on Wednesday.
News ID: 31561    Publish Date : 2018/11/15

TEHRAN, November 06 - Japan is ready to extend Malaysia support to help overcome its financial problems if the need arises, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said on Tuesday.
News ID: 31140    Publish Date : 2018/11/06

TEHRAN, November 04 -BAE Systems received a contract to deliver air traffic control and landing systems services to U.S. Navy ships and facilities.
News ID: 31052    Publish Date : 2018/11/04

TEHRAN, October 31 -The Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) says 42 of its members have been killed by Nigerian security forces during protests in the capital Abuja over the past two days.
News ID: 30907    Publish Date : 2018/10/31

TEHRAN, October 20 -Navistar Defense has been awarded a $19.7 million modification to an existing contract with the U.S. Army to provide technical support for in-production and out-of-production of the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected, or MRAP, MaxxPro family of vehicles.
News ID: 30423    Publish Date : 2018/10/20

TEHRAN, October 17 -The U.S. Navy extended its contract with Rockwell Collins for support of avionics displays in the F/A-18, extending the service agreement by another four years.
News ID: 30326    Publish Date : 2018/10/17

TEHRAN, October 02 -President Donald Trump says he has warned Saudi Arabia's King Salman he would not last in power "for two weeks" without US military support .
News ID: 29595    Publish Date : 2018/10/03

TEHRAN, September 12 - Iran has dismissed recent accusations by the Arab Ministerial Quartet Committee, saying the claims are in line with “Iranophobic” plots aimed at diverting global attention from the real perpetrators of war and support ers of terrorism in the region.
News ID: 28756    Publish Date : 2018/09/13

TEHRAN, August 27 -China’s yuan finished Monday afternoon trade at a near 4-week high to the dollar after the central bank revived a “counter-cyclical factor” in its daily fixing to support the currency, halting a record 10-week slide that rattled global markets and irritated Washington.
News ID: 28006    Publish Date : 2018/08/27

TEHRAN, August 19 - The Israeli regime has rejected calls by the United Nations chief to boost protection of Palestinians against persisting Israeli atrocities on protesting civilians in Gaza Strip and the occupied territories, demanding action against Palestinian leaders instead.
News ID: 27579    Publish Date : 2018/08/19