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Tehran, YJC. In his Ramadan letters to heads of Islamic states, Rouhani has called for the need to fight extremism.
News ID: 4496    Publish Date : 2014/06/28

Tehran, YJC. President Rouhani says entities which support regional terrorism have to stop before it turns back on them.
News ID: 4461    Publish Date : 2014/06/22

Tehran, YJC. Newly convert Canadian lady says feminism is a tool created by the West by which to mislead women.
News ID: 4367    Publish Date : 2014/06/10

TEHRAN, YJC. The Kaba is washed every year in the month of Shaban (Islamic calendar). Zamzam water from Saudi Arabia and rose water from Iran is used for the washing. Also, the drape which is made of silk and sewn with gold is replaced.
News ID: 4286    Publish Date : 2014/05/31

Tehran, YJC. The World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools is going to launch a community of Sunni and Shiite Sayyids.
News ID: 4247    Publish Date : 2014/05/26

Tehran, YJC. Motahari has asked Islamic meida to show the real nature of imperialism.
News ID: 4229    Publish Date : 2014/05/22

Tehran, YJC. Rose water distilled in Qamsar is the only one in its kind used to wash the Kaba every year.
News ID: 4214    Publish Date : 2014/05/21

Tehran, YJC. Italian photographer says Imam Husain’s martyrdom served justice and fought oppression.
News ID: 4160    Publish Date : 2014/05/14

A US appeals court on Wednesday ordered YouTube to take down an anti-Islamic movie that triggered protests in the Muslim world, after an actress alleged she had been duped into appearing in it.
News ID: 3584    Publish Date : 2014/02/27

chief of staff of the President of Iran slammed extremist movements saying that these groups have misused ignorance of the people to cover up their violence under the name of religion.
News ID: 3246    Publish Date : 2014/01/19

Tehran, YJC. Ayatollah urges Muslims to ward off Wahhabists and Takfiries for having abandoned Islam.
News ID: 3231    Publish Date : 2014/01/16

Tehran, YJC. Noori Hamedani has said the West cannot pretend advocacy for human rights.
News ID: 3225    Publish Date : 2014/01/16

Tehran, YJC. Friday preacher says Iran’s nuclear issue is only an alibi for the West, they real problem being Islam.
News ID: 2426    Publish Date : 2013/10/19

Tehran, YJC. -- Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has shamelessly attacked Islam as a “fundamentally extremist” religion, which could threaten future security of the UK.
News ID: 2065    Publish Date : 2013/09/07

Tehran, YJC. Noam Chomsky addresses latest developments in the Middle East.
News ID: 1641    Publish Date : 2013/07/14

TEHRAN, YJC. -- Afghan President Hamid Karzai said on Sunday the Muslim world was "in turmoil" and wondered whether the "war on terror" led by the United States since 2001 was to blame for the radicalisation.
News ID: 1329    Publish Date : 2013/06/10