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The Islamic Republic of Iran has played down reports that it has agreed to stop injecting gas into its first-generation centrifuges.
News ID: 5481    Publish Date : 2014/11/12

The World Nuclear Association (WNA) "shares the concern" of the International Energy Agency (IEA) that urgent action will be needed to steer the world's energy system onto a safer, low-carbon path.
News ID: 5475    Publish Date : 2014/11/12

Tehran, YJC. Germany has offered Iran a $1-billion deal on wind power plants.
News ID: 5455    Publish Date : 2014/11/09

Tehran, YJC. Iranian parliamentary friendship group on a trip to Gorgia have met with the country’s minister of energy .
News ID: 5426    Publish Date : 2014/11/04

Tehran, YJC. The energy ministers of the two countries agreed on the construction of a new power transmission line from Armenia to Iran.
News ID: 5315    Publish Date : 2014/10/19

Tehran, YJC. Iran has attained self-sufficiency in manufacturing centrifuges used for making vaccines, Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Director Ali Akbar Salehi announced on Friday.
News ID: 5307    Publish Date : 2014/10/18

Tehran, YJC. Umud Shukri Kalehsar’s book is a deep investigation into the two countries’ relations and the role of energy there.
News ID: 5184    Publish Date : 2014/09/30

MUMBAI, Sept 28, 2014 (AFP) - India's new prime minister is turning to nuclear energy to ease a power crisis made worse by the cancellation of hundreds of coal mining permits, but he faces scepticism both at home and abroad.
News ID: 5178    Publish Date : 2014/09/28

Tehran, YJC. Seddiqi says using the nuclear energy is Iran’s rights and no one can deny it the right.
News ID: 5171    Publish Date : 2014/09/27

Tehran, YJC. Head of Iran Atomic Energy Organization (IAEO) Ali Akbar Salehi says there is no way but to reach agreement with Iran.
News ID: 5152    Publish Date : 2014/09/24

Tehran, YJC. Bening FM has said his country will welcome Iranian companies investing in energy in Benin.
News ID: 4934    Publish Date : 2014/08/29

Iran has began testing a pipeline built to transport natural gas to Iraq to feed the country’s power plants, says an Iranian official.
News ID: 4891    Publish Date : 2014/08/23

Tehran, YJC. It has been said that Iran is going to launch an energy -specific science park.
News ID: 4650    Publish Date : 2014/07/17

Tehran, YJC. Experts say that in 10 years from now, there will be no customer for the Iranian oil.
News ID: 4638    Publish Date : 2014/07/16

Tehran, YJC. Prof. Matthew Bunn, consultant to the US Department of Energy, talks about Iran’s nuclear program and its negotiations with the West.
News ID: 4607    Publish Date : 2014/07/12

Tehran, YJC. The construction of a pipeline that will carry natural gas from Iran to Iraq will be completed by the end of the current Iranian calendar year (started March 21, 2013), says an official.
News ID: 4406    Publish Date : 2014/06/15

Tehran, YJC. Head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization says Russia is going to build Iran two new nuclear reactors.
News ID: 4386    Publish Date : 2014/06/12

China and Russia still disagree over pricing a multi-billion-dollar gas deal despite years of negotiations, a senior Beijing official said Thursday, ahead of a visit by Vladimir Putin when a contract signature had been expected.
News ID: 4164    Publish Date : 2014/05/15

Tehran, YJC. Rear Admiral Sayyari says the Persian Gulf belongs to Iran.
News ID: 4070    Publish Date : 2014/05/01

Senior Iranian and Russian officials emphasized the need to finalize the agreements previously reached between Tehran and Moscow in the energy sector.
News ID: 3870    Publish Date : 2014/04/08