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Tehran May, 21_The United States has imposed sanctions on 8 Iranian officials , including Iran's Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli.
News ID: 46179    Publish Date : 2020/05/21

TEHRAN, Nov 30_A high-ranking Iraqi official says authorities are going to issue arrest warrants for a number of high-ranking officials and refer them to the judiciary for trial over charges of corruption, as part of the government's reforms after a wave of protests over unemployment, corruption and lack of public services hit the country.
News ID: 44387    Publish Date : 2019/11/30

TEHRAN, Jun 24 - Iran’s Judiciary Chief Hojatoleslam Seyed Ebrahim Raeisi said all Iranian officials in every branch of power must report in detail on their financial interests.
News ID: 41076    Publish Date : 2019/06/24

TEHRAN, May 27- Indonesian police have arrested six people suspected of plotting to assassinate four state officials during a wave of civil unrest in Jakarta last week, a police spokesman said on Monday.
News ID: 39938    Publish Date : 2019/05/27

TEHRAN, May 27- Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif held meetings with senior Iraqi officials and political figures during a trip to Baghdad.
News ID: 39928    Publish Date : 2019/05/27

TEHRAN, Apr 17 - Instagram social media shut down the accounts of several Iranian officials , including pages attributed to a number of senior commanders of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC).
News ID: 37999    Publish Date : 2019/04/17

TEHRAN, Apr 14 - Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Sunday met in Cairo with Khalifa Haftar, the commander of eastern-based Libyan forces, who is under international pressure to halt an advance on the capital Tripoli.
News ID: 37885    Publish Date : 2019/04/14

TEHRAN, Apr 09- Colombia’s lower house on Monday rejected President Ivan Duque’s suggested changes to a special tribunal tasked with trying former rebels and military officials for war crimes, the latest in a series of congressional defeats for Duque.
News ID: 37624    Publish Date : 2019/04/09

TEHRAN, Jan 22 -Huawei Chairman Liang Hua said on Tuesday the company would allow foreign officials to visit its labs, as the Chinese company faces suspicion from Western countries that its telecoms equipment could be used for espionage.
News ID: 34411    Publish Date : 2019/01/22

TEHRAN, December 11 -The United States said on Monday it had sanctioned three North Korean officials , including a top aide to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, for serious human rights abuses and censorship.
News ID: 32678    Publish Date : 2018/12/11

TEHRAN, December 09 - At least seven local government officials were killed in a helicopter crash in Sudan's eastern al-Qadarif state on Sunday, state news agency SUNA reported.
News ID: 32495    Publish Date : 2018/12/09

TEHRAN, December 02 -The Office Of Special Counsel determined six more White House officials violated the Hatch Act, a federal law limiting federal employees' political activities, with four previously reprimanded.
News ID: 32301    Publish Date : 2018/12/02

TEHRAN, October 22 - A number of officials from international organizations and foreign countries met Iranian diplomats at Iran’s Foreign Ministry for talks on various issues, including ways to settle the crises in Yemen and Syria.
News ID: 30516    Publish Date : 2018/10/22

TEHRAN, August 26 - Afghanistan's President Ashraf Ghani rejected on Sunday resignations tendered a day earlier by three senior security officials , the government said.
News ID: 27935    Publish Date : 2018/08/26

TEHRAN, August 8 - A Turkish delegation will meet with top officials from the U.S. State and Treasury departments on Wednesday, part of a visit to Washington this week to address growing friction between the NATO allies fueled by Ankara’s detention of an American evangelical pastor.
News ID: 27150    Publish Date : 2018/08/08

TEHRAN, July 04 - The Trump administration said Tuesday that it was abandoning Obama administration policies that called on universities to consider race as a factor in diversifying their campuses, signaling that the administration will champion race-blind admissions standards.
News ID: 25425    Publish Date : 2018/07/04

TEHRAN, June 06 - Tunisia on Wednesday announced the sacking of officials accused of negligence over a shipwreck this weekend that killed at least 66 migrants.
News ID: 23958    Publish Date : 2018/06/06

TEHRAN, April 01 -Venezuelan authorities have arrested five state police officials for their suspected role in a recent incident at a prison facility in which 68 people died.
News ID: 21126    Publish Date : 2018/04/01

TEHRAN, March 15 - Fourteen current and former senior U.S. officials told NBC News that intelligence shows Prince Mohammed bin Salman blocked his mother from seeing his father, King Salman, more than two years ago.
News ID: 20633    Publish Date : 2018/03/15

TEHRAN, March 12 -U.S. officials on Sunday defended President Donald Trump’s decision to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, saying the move was not just for show and not a gift to Pyongyang.
News ID: 20414    Publish Date : 2018/03/12