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TEHRAN, August 20 - Judiciary chief Ebrahim Raisi says Iran should be compensated for the seizure of an oil supertanker off the coast of Gibraltar after it was released on Thursday.
News ID: 43254    Publish Date : 2019/08/20

TEHRAN, August 9 - Iran’s judiciary is to review alleged irregularities in the privatization of a major government-run airline after parliament lawmakers claimed the company had been sold at an exorbitantly cheap price three years ago and that nepotism may have been an issue.
News ID: 42857    Publish Date : 2019/08/09

TEHRAN, Jul 30 - Iran’s judiciary has shared information on hundreds of court verdicts for convicts of corruption and financial wrongdoing, saying a total of nine people have been sentenced to death and four others to life in jail.
News ID: 42585    Publish Date : 2019/07/30

TEHRAN, Jul 9 - Iran’s Judiciary Chief Hojatoleslam Seyed Ebrahim Raeisi took a swipe at the UK government for its unlawful move to capture an Iranian oil tanker in the international waters.
News ID: 41776    Publish Date : 2019/07/09

TEHRAN, Jun 28 - A US and Saudi Arabia-backed anti-Iran terrorist group, which is responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent Iranian civilians and officials, has announced a plan to assassinate a senior Iranian military commander and the country’s new Judiciary chief.
News ID: 41278    Publish Date : 2019/06/28

TEHRAN, Jun 22 - Iran’s Judiciary spokesman unveiled a reform of the Judiciary’s structure to optimize its performance.
News ID: 40976    Publish Date : 2019/06/22

TEHRAN, May 31 - Iran's Judiciary Chief Hojatoleslam Seyed Ebrahim Raeisi expressed confidence that the US administration’s conspiracy against Palestinians called “the deal of the century” would be foiled, saying it will turn into “the resistance of the century”
News ID: 40136    Publish Date : 2019/05/31

TEHRAN, Mar 11 -Iran’s new chief justice, Hojjatoleslam Ebrahim Raeisi, has pledged a legal transformation to address the country’s changing priorities in the "second phase" of the Islamic Revolution.
News ID: 36632    Publish Date : 2019/03/11

TEHRAN, Mar 11 - The introduction ceremony of Iran's new chief of Judiciary was held on Monday in Ministry of Justice Building.
News ID: 36622    Publish Date : 2019/03/11

TEHRAN, March 15 - As Hong Kong’s judges and senior lawyers paraded in ceremonial wigs and gowns on Jan 8 to mark the start of the legal year, anxieties over China’s growing reach into the city’s vaunted legal system swirled with the wintry winds.
News ID: 20596    Publish Date : 2018/03/15

TEHRAN, October 30 - Iranian Judiciary Chief Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli Larijani dismissed a recent report by a UN rights rapporteur against the Islamic Republic, saying it reflects the views of the country’s enemies.
News ID: 14950    Publish Date : 2017/10/30

TEHRAN, June 23, YJC - Judiciary Chief Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli Larijani said Iran's missile attack on Daesh positions in Syria demonstrated the Islamic Republic’s resolve to battle terrorism.
News ID: 10628    Publish Date : 2017/06/23

TEHRAN, April 10, YJC -Iran's Judiciary Chief Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli Larijani says the recent missile attack by the US against a Syrian army air base was a clear example of the application of the law of the jungle, warning that supporting terrorism will backfire on Washington.
News ID: 8811    Publish Date : 2017/04/10

Tehrna, YJC. Head of Iran’s Judiciary Sadeq Amoli Larijani said that a request to give Iran’s Justice Ministry new privileges has been rejected.
News ID: 5550    Publish Date : 2014/11/20

Tehran, YJC. Justice minister has said that his respective headquarters will apply Islamic rules in monitoring Iran’s internet content
News ID: 5159    Publish Date : 2014/09/24

Tehran, YJC. The Supreme Leader of Iran has reinstated the country’s Head of Judiciary.
News ID: 4833    Publish Date : 2014/08/14

Tehran, YJC. Larijani has asked for Iraq to hand over MEK members to Iran to “solve some of the problems of the citizens of both countries.”
News ID: 4196    Publish Date : 2014/05/19

Tehran, YJC. Ayatollah Khamenei has granted pardon or reduced sentence to 920 prisoners.
News ID: 3821    Publish Date : 2014/04/01

Tehran, YJC. “Disaster” is the name given by Larijani to the EUHR’s meeting with some human rights activists of Iran.
News ID: 3693    Publish Date : 2014/03/13

Tehran, YJC. Head of the Judiciary says Salafism is a Western scheme to weaken Islam.
News ID: 3228    Publish Date : 2014/01/16