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TEHRAN, July 24, YJC -Iran says the United States is in a minority of one in its destructive ambitions against the 2015 nuclear deal between the Islamic Republic and the P5+1 group, which includes the US itself.
News ID: 11365    Publish Date : 2017/07/24

TEHRAN, July 1, YJC - Iran’s FM Spokesman while felicitating Iraqi government over the heavy defeat of ISIL terrorists in Mosul, called for collective efforts to eradicate ideological and financial roots of terrorism.
News ID: 10813    Publish Date : 2017/07/01

TEHRAN, June 28, YJC - Iran has denounced the recent US Supreme Court ruling allowing President Donald Trump’s contentious Muslim ban to be partly reinstated, saying the United States is turning a blind eye to the real culprits behind acts of terror on its soil.
News ID: 10750    Publish Date : 2017/06/28

TEHRAN, June 24, YJC - Iran’s FM Spokesman stressed that his country is ready to help the region countries, condemning terrorism in its every form and every where and with any motivation.
News ID: 10647    Publish Date : 2017/06/24

TEHRAN, May 22, YJC - In response to the US Secretary of State's anti-Iranian remarks on Iran’s missile tests, Iran’s FM Spokesman said that Iran’s missile activities are part of the country’s defense policy.
News ID: 9819    Publish Date : 2017/05/22

TEHRAN, May 17, YJC - Iran’s FM Spokesman says Astana meeting can in some way influence the out com of Geneva meeting.
News ID: 9697    Publish Date : 2017/05/17

TEHRAN, May 1, YJC - Iran's FM Spokesman attended in a press conference in the department of Foreign Ministry on Monday to about the outputs of the meeting of JCPOA joint commission.
News ID: 9319    Publish Date : 2017/05/01

TEHRAN, March 23, YJC-Iran has condemned the recent deadly terror attack in London, calling for the formation of a true international coalition against terrorists to replace the current “theatrical” ones.
News ID: 8431    Publish Date : 2017/03/23

Tehran says it is not a matter of chance that Israel and Saudi Arabia share an anti-Iran stance as there is ample evidence that the two regimes are working hand in glove in different regional cases.
News ID: 7819    Publish Date : 2017/02/20

Spokesman of Iran Foreign Ministry says Iran makes decision on missile issues on its own and no consultancy is required.
News ID: 7603    Publish Date : 2017/02/06

Iran’s FM Spokesman reports on the agreement to the issuance of visas for the US wrestling team in order for they can take part in the Wrestling World Cup in Kermanshah.
News ID: 7588    Publish Date : 2017/02/05

Tehran, YJC. Iran and Iraq’s Kurdistan have signed an MoU to export gas and gasoline to the semi-autonomous region.
News ID: 6466    Publish Date : 2015/02/28

Tehran, YJC. His tales from Old Iranian literature not only led to American writer’s debut, but attracted many international tourists.
News ID: 2715    Publish Date : 2013/11/19

TEHRAN, YJC. Iran Minister of Oil has repudiated Pakistani authorities’ claims as to the removal of the penalty article from the Peace Pipeline contract.
News ID: 420    Publish Date : 2013/03/09

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Tehran, YJC. The Second National Gathering on Oil Industry Contraction System was held here on Monday.
News ID: 84    Publish Date : 2013/02/18