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Sunday, 1 May 2022 (YJC)_ The unpopular president joked about his low age and popularity at a press conference, telling reporters that you are the only group that is even lower in popularity than I am.
News ID: 56779    Publish Date : 2022/05/01

23 April 2022_ A week after Biden lost the air, which became the subject of media and cyberspace, he once again extended his hand to shake hands with an imaginary person in Seattle, Washington.
News ID: 56682    Publish Date : 2022/04/23

Sunday, 17 April 2022 (YJC)_ The current US administration broke the record of the previous five administrations by detaining about 210,000 Mexican immigrants and asylum seekers last month.
News ID: 56611    Publish Date : 2022/04/17

Thursday, 14 April 2022 (YJC)_ The US expert said: The Biden government has lost the courage to reach an agreement; But given the Ukraine war and the growing problems of the Americans and Europeans, stopping the talks is to the detriment of the United States rather than to Iran.
News ID: 56574    Publish Date : 2022/04/14

Thursday, 14 April 2022 (YJC)_ A White House spokesman said the president's remarks about Ukraine were only his personal views, adding that they did not affect Washington's position.
News ID: 56567    Publish Date : 2022/04/14

Wednesday, 13 April 2022 (YJC)_ During his speech, the US President claimed that the Russian President was committing genocide in Ukraine.
News ID: 56554    Publish Date : 2022/04/13

Saturday, 9 April 2022 (YJC)_ The White House has announced that the US President will sign a law ending oil imports from Russia.
News ID: 56498    Publish Date : 2022/04/09

Friday, 8 April 2022 (YJC)_ The US President welcomed the UN General Assembly vote on suspending Russia's membership in the Human Rights Council.
News ID: 56493    Publish Date : 2022/04/08

Tuesday, 5 April 2022 (YJC)_ Referring to Washington's decision to increase sanctions against Russia, the US presidential adviser said they would continue to provide military support to Ukraine.
News ID: 56462    Publish Date : 2022/04/05

Thursday, 24 March 2022 (YJC)_ The US president arrived in the Belgian capital Brussels to discuss the Ukraine crisis and the imposition of a new package of sanctions against Russia.
News ID: 56363    Publish Date : 2022/03/24

Wednesday, 23 March 2022 (YJC)_ The US government intends to put hundreds of members of the Russian Duma on the sanctions list under the pretext of Moscow's military operation in Ukraine.
News ID: 56348    Publish Date : 2022/03/23

Tuesday, 22 March 2022 (YJC)_ The US president has claimed that the Ukrainian army will strike Russia using Western weapons, claiming that Russia is investigating a cyber attack on the country.
News ID: 56343    Publish Date : 2022/03/22

Thursday, 10 March 2022 (YJC)_ The US House of Representatives approved $ 1.5 billion in financial assistance for the "Iron Dome" system, along with $ 3.8 billion in annual security assistance to the Zionist regime.
News ID: 56221    Publish Date : 2022/03/10

Friday, 4 March 2022 (YJC)_ The former US Secretary of State called on the current government to recognize Taiwan's independence from the Chinese central government.
News ID: 56139    Publish Date : 2022/03/04

Monday, 28 February 2022 (YJC)_ Following the recent developments and the approach of the midterm elections of the US Congress, the results of the poll show that the popularity of the President of the United States of America has dropped below forty percent.
News ID: 56089    Publish Date : 2022/02/28

Thursday, 24 February 2022 (YJC)_ While the United States has announced sanctions against Russia, members of its administration are concerned about the impact of the sanctions on the oil market and rising fuel prices.
News ID: 56018    Publish Date : 2022/02/24

Monday, 21 February 2022 (YJC)_ A Kremlin spokesman said a meeting between the Russian and US leaders would take place if necessary, but that it was not time to talk about it.
News ID: 55977    Publish Date : 2022/02/21

Saturday, 12 February 2022 (YJC)_ Human Rights Watch criticized Biden's decision to block the 7 billion dollar capital of the Central Bank of Afghanistan and said that the US President is seeking to seize the country's assets.
News ID: 55848    Publish Date : 2022/02/12

Thursday, 3 February 2022 (YJC)_ President says US forces took out Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi in Syria
News ID: 55721    Publish Date : 2022/02/03

Tuesday, 1 February 2022 (YJC)_ The Qatari foreign minister told Al Jazeera that the emir had consulted with the US president on Iran's nuclear program.
News ID: 55694    Publish Date : 2022/02/01