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Friday, 19 February 2021_A South Korean victim of Japanese wartime sex slavery wants Tokyo to answer for its crimes at the International Criminal Court, and calls on the South Korean government to press the issue. Japan insists that the 'comfort women' problem has already been resolved with previous agreements. But the victims argue that they were not consulted on the previous deals, and demand a direct personal apology and compensation.
News ID: 50665    Publish Date : 2021/02/19

Wednesday, 03 February 2021_Iran says it has given permission to the crew members of a South Korean vessel it seized last month for environmental pollution to leave the country in a humanitarian gesture.
News ID: 50449    Publish Date : 2021/02/03

TEHRAN, Jul 16 -South Koreans forced to work for Japanese occupiers will seek a court order to forcibly liquidate Japan’s Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ (7011.T) assets to compensate them, their lawyers said on Tuesday, risking more Japanese anger over the issue.
News ID: 42030    Publish Date : 2019/07/16

TEHRAN, Mar 18 -Popular variety shows are changing the way defectors view their identity.
News ID: 36977    Publish Date : 2019/03/18

TEHRAN, Mar 18 -South Korean Defense Minister Jeong Kyeong-doo says there is still no sign that North Korea is preparing for an imminent missile launch as reported by US media outlets.
News ID: 36963    Publish Date : 2019/03/18

TEHRAN, Jan 24 -Kang Sung-il buys Sancho, his Pomeranian, a toy every business trip and this Lunar New Year holiday will dress him up in a new $50 suit to visit ‘grandma’, Kang’s mother.
News ID: 34482    Publish Date : 2019/01/24

TEHRAN, December 10 -
News ID: 32627    Publish Date : 2018/12/10

TEHRAN, December 06 _ In downtown Seoul, some 40 young South Koreans last month braved early winter chills to show their support for a planned visit to the South Korean capital by North Korea’s leader, chanting “Kim Jong Un! Kim Jong Un! Kim Jong Un is a great man!”
News ID: 32509    Publish Date : 2018/12/06

TEHRAN, November 15 -South Korean and Japanese fishing vessels collided Thursday morning off South Korea's east coast, the country's coast guard said.
News ID: 31584    Publish Date : 2018/11/15

TEHRAN, November 11 - South Korean military transport aircraft began a tangerine airlift to North Korea on Sunday, the first of a gift of 200 tons of the fruit from the southern island of Jeju, South Korea’s presidential Blue House said.
News ID: 31351    Publish Date : 2018/11/11

TEHRAN, November 07 -Moscow hopes that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will visit the country next year, Russian President Vladimir Putin's advisor said on Wednesday.
News ID: 31225    Publish Date : 2018/11/07

TEHRAN, October 15 -Five South Koreans and four Nepali guides on a Himalayan climbing expedition were flung to their deaths after a huge block of ice crashed over a cliff into a narrow mountain gorge, a helicopter rescue official said on Monday.
News ID: 30231    Publish Date : 2018/10/15

TEHRAN, October 13 - South Korean President Moon Jae-in has urged the US to come to terms with the North’s demand for a formal declaration of an end to the Korean war, amid growing differences between the two major allies.
News ID: 30131    Publish Date : 2018/10/13

TEHRAN, October 04 -SK Hynix Inc said it would invest 20 trillion won ($17.8 billion) in a new memory chip manufacturing plant opening on Thursday in South Korea, about 29 percent more than originally budgeted.
News ID: 29657    Publish Date : 2018/10/04

TEHRAN, September 08 -A South Korean man, 61, was diagnosed with the potentially deadly Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and is being treated at a hospital in Seoul, the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) said on Saturday.
News ID: 28554    Publish Date : 2018/09/08

TEHRAN, June 11 -South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Coinrail said it was hacked over the weekend, sparking a steep fall in bitcoin amid renewed concerns about security at virtual currency exchanges as global policy makers struggled to regulate trading in the digital asset.
News ID: 24215    Publish Date : 2018/06/11

TEHRAN, April 12 - Workers at a rural South Korean factory are busy extracting some of the world’s most coveted metals, used in the batteries that power electric cars.
News ID: 21620    Publish Date : 2018/04/12

TEHRAN, March 6- An up-and-coming South Korean provincial governor announced his resignation on Tuesday, just hours after an aide accused him of repeated sexual assault, as the snowballing #MeToo movement rattled the country’s political establishment.
News ID: 20184    Publish Date : 2018/03/06

TEHRAN, February 22 - South Korean President Moon Jae-in is in a bind.
News ID: 19695    Publish Date : 2018/02/22

TEHRAN, February 6 - South Korea’s intelligence agency told lawmakers North Korean hackers could have been behind the $530 million theft of virtual coins from a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange last month, people familiar with the matter told Reuters on Tuesday.
News ID: 18940    Publish Date : 2018/02/06