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Publish Date: 12:19 - 04 August 2017
TEHRAN, August 4, YJC -Alireza Rajaei, emphasized Iran has intellectual people and beautiful sightseeing places.

intellectual people and beautiful sightseeing places:expert of international affairsTEHRAN, Young Journalists Club (YJC) -Alireza Rajaei, the expert of international relations emphasizing that Iran has intellectual people and beautiful sightseeing places,

he said, Iran is a four - season country where every part of it is completely different from the other.

He stated that tourism industry is one of the requirements of each country for income generation; media and powers in the world are doing their utmost to provide a very different picture against the reality of Iran. If people are involved in terrorism and warfare and never count on it as a tourist destination, Iran's hospitality dates back to more than seventy years.

The images published by our country by tourists and narrations and their tales of travel to the country have aggravated all previous media equations and caused the name of Iran in the country," said the expert of international affairs.

Rajaei also expressed the need for the Iranian people to engage with other people in the world. As you know, according to various polls published in the American media, the American people have a strong interest in Iran's culture and civilization, and this makes interactions.

We expect the US government not to act against itself, because the American people are agianst the existance of any sanctions against other nations.

Rajaei emphasizing on the proposal for revival of the memorandum between the two cities of Tehran and Los Angeles, emphasized: "We are trying to establish a memorandum of understanding between our sister cities among different cities of Iran and other cities of the world for Cultural, social, and national ties.

The political scientist noted that the patriots in the United States are the proper capacities that can provide the best possible interaction between the two countries by influencing the public opinion of the United States. Therefore, the Center for International Development of Iranian Native Americans has this potential. Who will come to the sympathy and support of the foreign policy apparatus to provide the context for engagement of the Iranian people in the context of global peace with other nations. Consequently, the hostility of American statesmen will ultimately lead to the credibility of the United States.


The attention of the representatives of the Congress is inevitable in this regard, and the time is not the time of warfare, it is not the determinant and its power is lost, but the power and civilizations are the ultimate. I enphasize that the people of the great nation of America are peaceful and they expect peace and stability in the world.

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