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Publish Date: 15:24 - 11 June 2013
Tehran, YJC. Former Lawmaker has criticized the fact that it is only before a new government is formed that the political atmosphere in the country allows criticism.

The former member of the Majlis Emad Afrooq said in his new What was said and Who Said  book launch party "My major intention publishing this book is the considerable, strange divergence about some politicians from the Revolutions original policies. It is natural that the end of each administration should experience some rotations and change of stance, but I ran into so bizarre instances which made me go for compiling the present book.”

He added "My major motivation for this work was to boost people’s historical memory to know why some people adopted stances in such and such a way in the past and now do so in some other way. That is insult to people’s intelligence. I have tried to categorize things, that is, I tried to separate the, as the word goes, chameleon from others and introduce other groups as well. There are a number of attitudes in our society today. The first are the chameleon, the opportunist. The second are the supporters of the incumbent administration. These two groups are similar. The third group are the credulous simpleton whose position is adopted only for their shallow understanding. The fourth are the ossified low-natured. And the fifth clan are the political fans of Imam Khomeini’s thought who understand religious democracy well. The fifth group recognize the practical, influential role of the Islamic state. They know that the government is only a means even in the hands of the Prophet, because it is ethics that is the original thing. The fifth group are those who are critical of Salafism and pan-Iranism in the country.”

He exclaimed "Why are the doors to criticism open now that the elections are near? Has the country’s security shaken? Is there any problem? Then why do you block criticism when the elections are over and the new government settles in?”

He added "Does not criticism unsettle the country’s security prior to elections? Does it do so afterward? Do you close the way to criticism for interests or by the pretext of security?”

"Maybe if it were not for the electoral vibe my book, too, would not have gotten the publishing certificate,” he said jokingly.

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