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Publish Date: 13:42 - 12 June 2013
Tehran, YJC. Zibakalam says that there is no guarantee that Rohani would be able to apply his economic plans if elected, since there will still be the same problems for him as were for Hashemi.

Professor at the University of Tehran Sadeq Zibakalam said "Mr. Hashemi tried during his administration of construction to implement an economic system which had been successful in Turkey and Malaysia, but he failed because of a number of problems that existed.”

He added "Rohani has no guarantee to succeed in this regard, because those forces which resisted the Construction Administration to apply the system and did not let economy out of the government’s hands still exist. Their power is no less than that time if it has not in the contrary increased.”

Zibakalam also provided comments on the progression of campaigns and said "If Ayatollah Hashemi was in the elections they would not have dragged to the runoff, but I think that they will do and one side will be Hassan Rohani and the other the Principalists, but I do not think that Said Jalili and Mohsen Rezaei would go to the runoff.”

He further said that a kind of disbelief exists in the country and that if some authorities would like to know some truth they would watch BBC News. "The closed political atmosphere of the country and lack of free circulation of information has lead to some illusions.”

The political sciences professor also pointed to the nuclear talks and said "The important issue that must be mentioned here is what do we want the nuclear energy for? Must the country be sacrificed for the nuclear energy or the nuclear energy for the country?”

He also pointed to the liberation of political prisoners such as Mousavi and Karoubi and said "Hassan Rohani would not be able to give that a high priority from the beginning. That must be done with cooperation.”

Pointing to calls for abstention by some Reformists, he said that whoever abstains from voting has in fact voted for Jalili. 

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