Principalists must be out of their senses not to coalesce

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Publish Date: 11:30 - 13 June 2013
Tehran, YJC. Activist says that while the Reform movement has come up with a single candidate for the upcoming presidential elections, it will be utterly foolish if the Principalist side keep arguing each other.

Speaking to Mehr News Agency in an interview, Emad Afrough said "When the Reformists established a sort of polarity among themselves; the other side must be politically fool to keep in its range of disagreements.”

"If they do not reach unity it would be clear that they lack knowledge of political action. I would rather both wings appeared as spectrums, but when one side polarizes the atmosphere, the other side must needs do the same, which I believe common sense would agree to,” he continued.

He also blasted lack of ethics in the candidate’s behavior and said "If a candidate slanders others as he gives his mottos he must not be trusted.”

"I believe that we must not let ourselves be taken in by their words at the time of elections. We must not at all be fooled by mottos, although they are rather copious these days. I believe that we must look at people’s past. If they show bold now, we must see if they did so in the past as well,” Afrough asserted.

He further said that people must not be taken in with populist words, "which is poisonous to a logical management of society, especially when the populism we encounter has only a resemblance of real populism, that is, it is a fraudulent populism.”

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