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Publish Date: 15:10 - 27 June 2013
Tehran, YJC. In his first post-2013-electoral speech, the Supreme Leader has addressed the nuclear case, asserting that the issue is only an excuse serving other purposes.

The Supreme Leader said in a meeting with Judiciary officials on Wednesday "The enemies want to keep on pressuring the people to exhaust them and to change the system; therefore they wont let the nuclear issue be resolved.”

"The Islamic Republic has been lawful and clear on the nuclear issue and is strongly backed by reason,” he added.

He asserted "As was said on the first day of this year, there are a few countries on the opposing front to Iran who falsely call themselves the global community. They are persistent in their resolution to prevent the nuclear issue being solved. But if they stop stubbornness, it would be easy to solve Iran’s nuclear issue.”

Ayatollah Khamenei emphasized "The nuclear issue has frequently reached the point to be solved, when Americans have come up with new excuses.”

He pointed to a document by the IAEA and said "In this document the Agency has stated that problems relating to the Iranian nuclear case have been resolved, therefore the nuclear case must have been closed, but immediately the US introduced new issues, because they see the nuclear issue a good spot where to pressure and threaten Iran.”

"Of course enemies say in their private talks and letters that they do not plan to change the system, but their actions show the opposite,’ the Supreme Leader asserted.

He added "For them nothing like nuclear, human rights, democracy, or anything else matters. They want to contain the nation’s progress and subjugate our dear Iran once more, but the Islamic Republic will defend Iran’s rights.”

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