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Publish Date: 16:47 - 10 November 2017
TEHRAN, November 10 - The UN Nuclear Watchdog Director Yukiya Amano assured Haley the agency has “so far had access to all the locations it needed to visit” Iran, and will continue to work “in an impartial and factual manner.”

IAEA had access to locations needed to visit in Iran, says AmanoTEHRAN, Young Journalists Club (YJC) - It was the second meeting between US Ambassador to the UN Haley and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) chief — with the first taking place in August during Haley’s visit to the agency’s headquarters in Vienna, where she called for more controls on Iran.

Since that trip, President Trump in October in hostile remarks de-certified the Iran deal, and claimed the nuclear deal is “one of the worst” agreements in history, leaving its fate in the hands of Congress.

In a statement, the IAEA said Haley and Amano “discussed the IAEA’s verification and monitoring of Iran’s implementation of its nuclear-related commitments” under the agreement with six global powers — the US, Russia, China, France, the UK and Germany. Amano also repeated his assessment that the agreement “represents a significant gain for nuclear verification,” and that Iran’s nuclear-related commitments “are being implemented.”

Meanwhile, the US mission to the UN expressed Haley’s appreciation for the UN watchdog’s “expertise and professionalism.”

Haley vowed the US would support the IAEA “in carrying out robust verification of nuclear-related activities in Iran” — also stressing the importance of “full and transparent access for the IAEA” in Iran.

Amano is currently visiting the US, where he has spoken with members of Congress and will deliver a speech to the UN General Assembly.

Source: Financial Express


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