News ID: 15737
Publish Date: 11:29 - 14 November 2017
TEHRAN, November 14 - At the turn of the of repossessing the Syrian city of Raqqa, tens of ISIL foreign members with 10 trucks of ammunition and explosives exited Raqqa under the support of US-backed militants.

TEHRAN, Young Journalists Club (YJC) - Media in UK stated that nearly 250 ISIL terrorists blockaded by Resistance forces were allowed to escape the city through their collusion with the US-backed militias, UK media reported.

A number of the escapees then managed successfully to cross Turkey’s borders and the others scattered after exiting Raqqa.

According to the reports, these terrorists left Raqa with 4500 of non-militant residents, mainly of their families, through 100 buses.

Earlier on the threshold of Raqqa seizure, the US-led coalition had announced that it allowed no ISIL terrorists exit the city and that they must either surrender themselves or die.

Since three years ago Raqqa with a population of 200000 was seized by Nusra front and other terrorists. Two years ago, ISIL terrorists took the control of the city and announced the it as their capital.

US claims that its international coalition, formed without the permission of UN Security Council in August 2014, fights ISIL elements in Syria and Iraq, yet since then its fighters repeatedly have targeted Syria’s infrastructures and killed hundreds of Syrian civilians.


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