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Publish Date: 10:55 - 15 November 2017
TEHRAN, November 15 - Lebanon’s ex-President says the Israeli regime is the main source of tensions and problems in the region and US along with some of Arab reactionary regimes implement Israeli scenarios.

With Israel present in region, impartiality senseless: Lebanese ex-President

TEHRAN, Young Journalists Club (YJC) - Emile Lahoud said “all of our problems lie behind Israel, US, and most of the Persian Gulf Arabic countries.

He referred to Hariri’s resignation in Saudi Arabia and asserted that Hariri was forced to resign.

According to al-Mayadin, Lahoud warned that behind Hariri’s sayings are those who want to lead Lebanon to a chaos from which all will suffer.

Lahoud pointed out to Future Movement’s requesting Hezbollah to disarm itself and take an impartial position and said “since the establishment of Israel, impartiality ended and our dignity does not allow us to keep silent while we are right”.

The Lebanese ex-President stressed that taking impartial positions is in favor of the Israeli regime which is after removing Resistance movement in Lebanon.

US and Saudi Arabia perform whatever Israel is after, added Lahoud referring to Lebanon’s former Prime Minister assassinated by US and Israeli regime.

Saudis spent billions of dollars on a comprehensive war against Syria and finally were defeated by Syrian army and Resistance front, therefore they are today after making crisis in Lebanon and threaten it, Emile Lahoud explained.

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