Iranian weightlifters at crest of 2018 IWF Junior World Championships

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Publish Date: 21:36 - 14 July 2018
TEHRAN, July 14 -The Iran men’s national junior weightlifting team has collected 512.8 points at the 2018 International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) Junior World Championships in Uzbekistan, and been crowned at the prestigious event.

Iranian weightlifters at crest of 2018 IWF Junior World ChampionshipsTEHRAN, Young Journalists Club (YJC) -IOn Saturday and the final day of the prestigious event at the Uzbekistan Sport Complex in the Uzbek capital city of Tashkent, Iran stood first with a total of eight (two gold, three silver and three bronze) medals.

The host nation finished as vice champion with 436.8 points, while Turkey took the third place, having accumulated 436.8 points.

Ali Davoudi snatched the snatch gold with 192 kilograms in the over 105-kilogram weight category; and his Armenian opponent Varazdat Lalayan raised 172 kilograms overhead to pocket the silver. Muhammad Nooh Dastgir Butt, a representative from Pakistan, got the bronze medal, having lifted up 171 kilograms.

The Pakistani contestant raised 228 kilograms in the clean and jerk contests, and claimed the podium.

Davoudi hoisted 227 kilograms and took the second spot, while Lalayan took away the bronze with a lift of 222 kilograms.

The Iranian weightlifter edged his Armenian rival to receive the gold medal with an aggregate of 419 kilograms.

Lalayan’s overall register marked 399 kilograms and finished in the second place, while the Pakistani weightlifter secured the aggregate bronze medal with 399 kilograms.

The 2018 IWF Junior World Championships began on July 7, and finished on July 14.

Source: Press TV

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