Iranian filmmaker blasts Islamo-phobic schemes in address to UN

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Publish Date: 15:33 - 15 March 2014
Tehran, YJC. Majid Majidi has raised voice against violence carried out in the name of Islam.
Addressing the UN Human Rights panel on Thursday, Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi expressed concern over violent acts done across the world in the name of Islam. A short version of his speech follows.

Sometimes I think to myself if I was born in a Western country and in my days of childhood and adolescence I had to see every day on newspapers and every night on the TV how some Muslims in the east have taken on bombing as their everyday job, … behead their opposers and show how they play football with them in the street […] set fire to churches, monasteries, and even mosques where people have come for their worships […] what attitude was I likely to gain toward Islam. Was it likely for me to develop any inclination to Islam seeing all that violence?

I was born in a land whose Muslims would despise all sort of religious intolerance. For centuries they had had the followers of other religions and sects as their neighbors and cohabitants, because they believed in a prophet whose entire life consisted of love and kindness to others and who not only would love his followers, but all human beings from any race and ethnicity, no less animals and plants and trees.

Today I ask myself and your excellencies what really lies behind all that crime carried out in the name of Islam? I ask you who created al-Qaeda and Taliban which were born in Pakistan and Afghanistan and whose sinister shadow now crosses the whole world?

I regret to say that the states which bestowed all kinds of support upon Taliban and al-Qaeda have always been allies to the West. Arab states raised them in their laps and now they propagate violence and unkindness in other ways.

I am happy to say that there has not been the name of a single person with Iranian nationality or the sect that is prevalent in my land either in the September 11 or in the London subway bombing or any other suicide bombing. But I have to regret that following the events the West directed all its pressure on Iran and Iranians who have always condemned such acts.

As an artist who due to working on a film about the life of the prophet of Islam in the recent years has made many studies into his life, I swear that such violent actions whose outcome is global Islamo-phobia are strangers to the nature of the Islam which I learned from Muhammad and Ali and Hussain.

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